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Cold facts:

  • Solo vocalist from Bristol, UK
  • Debut album released October 2018
  • Live show with stage-breaking 4 piece band

Hard truth:

At a time where the world of politics is plagued by a disregard for honesty, a contempt for reason, and the gradual yet palpable stripping of our birth-given rights, Madcap digs in and spits flames at the capitalist-fuelled inequality of our corporate industry.

His impassioned vocals and incendiary music welds hip hop, rock and poetry into a Mad Max monster, shoves the listener in the driver’s seat and slaps them awake ’til they grab the wheel.

In Madcap’s words:

“We are being increasingly disarmed and constricted by the world around us. A world that’s getting more violent as it shrinks; with environmental destruction at every turn, countless political corruptions and subverted affiliations, government-backed assaults on peaceful protests, profit-driven wars launched and dropped like the latest makeshift pop star.

Our world and its people are suffering in silence from our mutated industrial landscape, with lies and misinformation stifling all screams as we verge on tipping point.

This is not scripted for shock value. Only the truth will break people out of their inertia. That truth ultimately leads to one result; the end of our industrial way of living. It’s difficult for anyone to fathom.

Industrialisation exists to make kings of the producers and slaves of the labourers. With our newfound globalisation and immediacy of all things, the whole system is now completely out of balance. The elite few have become Gods in their influence and devils in their demeanour.

If you hand an inordinate amount of power to a select few, they will come to use it solely for self-interest. History has shown it time and time again. The only way we can evolve, less survive, is by ensuring this power is dispersed among the hands of the many, the pyramid of control flipped upside down.

It’s now a race against time. We need to make this change happen ourselves. It’s down to you and me.

They can deride us, but they cannot divide us.”


Download all song files (password protected – contact via wiretap)


“You made me want to destroy my own bar.” – Jason, JamCity Oxford

“Epitomises what we’ve come to expect from Bristol’s finest” – Wordplay Magazine

“It’s impossible not to get sucked into the performance. The lyrical hooks are just so captivating, the punchy, dirty riffs keep the energy at electrifying levels and the moments where the drums follow the complex vocal beats are so deliciously tight you can’t help but break into a dirty grin.” – Tap the Feed Magazine

“What the entertainment industry needs” – Inglefest

“Energy by the bucket load…” – The Fleece, Bristol

“Enthusiastic…undeniable…flawless” – Bath Spa Uni

“The crowd were in awe” – The Hub, Frome


Wordplay Hip Hop Mag Article

Bristol is one of the UK’s most prominent cities when it comes to producing the most talented of artists. Madcap is one who’s honest lyrics and drive for independent success epitomise what we’ve come to expect from Bristol’s finest.

Driving bass lines, big beat drum tracks and infectious chorus hooks feature heavily in Madcap’s sound. Audience interaction and the live show’s energetic performances combine to great effect; something Madcap has paid particular attention to when producing his most atmospheric of pieces.

Featuring a wide range of vocabulary, subject matter and an appreciation for all forms of music, the mood of the show is ever changing. As opposed to following a character in a bid to attract fans, this self-driven artist prefers to stay in touch with the raw, human element of artistic expression, displaying it clearly across the wide range of material.

Songs dealing with dark, personal reflection, such as The Voice and Shadow Self, provide an important part to the overall picture, inferring notions of self-awareness, as we witness both the artist’s struggle to find more in life and his battle to corner it’s ever-elusive intangibility. In sharp contrast, the high-octane, adrenaline charged tracks like Throw Yaw V’s Up, I Like That Joint and Addicted, administer an injection of real pace to the expression, whilst incorporating the electrifying and explosive nature of a true hedonist on a pleasure trip.

The captivating music is something that needs to be experienced live. Expect to be rocked from start to finish by Madcap’s performance in every sense of the word. His own punchy, energy enthused, bass-led tracks are supported by several well known heavies (Witness the Fitness – Roots Manuva, Hip Hop – Dead Prez), revisited and reworked for the audience’s guaranteed enjoyment.

Craig Palmer – Wordplay Hip Hop Magazine


News Updates - Oct, 12, 2018

Due to the overwhelming amount of work that’s gone in to this year, with a new promo video, 2 official music videos, 3 single releases, booking a coming album release and launch party, keeping the “news” section of this site fresh has dropped on the wayside.

The official fan-site has more updates in this respect, however please check out the new videos and tracks on this press kit site to get a taste of the material and live show you’ll be booking.

If you have any questions, please get in touch on the contact form, and keep in the loop by checking Madcap’s facebook page.

3 Videos, 3 Months - Jan, 25, 2018

Madcap has been very busy since the beginnings of November last year.

That month, he worked with a team of 25 people to film an amped up music video to act as the visuals for the debut single of his forthcoming EP. Having shot this video in Stokes Croft, Bristol, he then pursued the making of a promotional video to send to venues and agents across the UK.

“People always talk about ‘capturing the live show energy’ as if it’s some unbeatable beast they’re trying to cage. In seeking to do it myself, I realised it’s the complete opposite. It’s about focusing that live dynamic energy and power as much as possible while taming it as little as possible. Letting it be as wild and high energy as it truly is. This is what I set out to do for my show, and I feel I’ve captured it. Working with the right people played a huge part in that. A professional live show videographer, a professional editor, a big sounding recording and of course a stage-rupturing performance. Everything in one concentrated minute.”

Madcap plans to use the video to promote his live show, booking performances throughout the UK and further afield as he builds to the release of his EP.

The video can be found here.

Meanwhile, Madcap has been setting his sights on creating the music video for what will become the second single of his EP. He’s keeping quiet about the concept of the visuals, but says it marries up with the metaphorical notions of the lyrics to serve as an enhancement to a story-line, rather than being one in and of itself.

Madcap Performs O2 Academy Main Stage - Sep, 02, 2017

Madcap has just competed in the grand finals of Bristol’s biggest independent battle of the bands competition ran by Synthetica Events.

Speaking on the night, Madcap said:

“Last night was incredible. So many friends, family and fans, so many people screaming the lyrics back and building the atmosphere with me while jumping to the big beats we served up. The whole place felt electric”

Madcap rocked the stage for a half hour set with his live band. 600 people came to watch the event go down and the packed venue gave the perfect canvas to spread his sonic colours. Speaking on the competition results, Madcap said:

“Although me and the guys didn’t take the top spot at the grand final, the opportunity to perform with great acts and rock the stage at the prestigious o2 Academy was a golden moment for us all. It’s onward and upwards from here.”

Catch Madcap performing his new material on the live circuit via his facebook events page.

Madcap's Debut Music Video Underway - Jul, 30, 2017

Following an extensive meeting with a local, very talented director from Bristol, Madcap is currently preparing the music video for what will become his debut single from his forthcoming EP.

Although he’s keeping relatively quiet about the project at the moment, he has confirmed it will be filmed in his local hometown of Bristol, UK and will be done in a single shot format, making use of the environment in various forms of interaction.
It may sound obscure, but he assures that it’s a more straight laced and sharp witted video to be enjoyed by locals who recognise the sites and those further afield who appreciate the combined concepts of the video and music.

The filming is set to begin mid September, with more info coming soon.

Headline Slot Announcement - May, 15, 2017

Madcap has just been asked to perform a headline slot at the well-known venue of The Fleece, Bristol!

This follows a previous gig at The Fleece, which saw Madcap and his live band win the battle of the bands tournament in January.

The performance is set to be a super charged experience; one of which he’s promised “…is not one you’ll want to miss.”

Date and Time: 16/06/2017 at 10pm
Venue: The Fleece
Address: 12 St Thomas Street, BS1 6JJ Bristol UK

For Guest List / Interviews / Press, please use the contact form on this site

We look forward to seeing you there!

Live Band Recording of Friend or Faux - Feb, 18, 2017

Madcap hit the studio today to record Friend or Faux, a rock/rap enthused track which was originally created as a sample-based, studio production. As of today it’s been re-recorded to inject live band flair in to it’s soul.

Quoting a recent review from Wordplay Hip Hop Magazine, this is a prime example of Madcap’s “…high-octane, adrenaline charged tracks, administering an injection of real pace to the expression, whilst incorporating the electrifying and explosive nature of a true hedonist on a pleasure trip.”

The recording will be used to promote the live show to booking agents, along with recent video footage of their show-stealing performance at the Fleece’s battle of the bands event.

The track will soon be mixed and mastered and will be uploaded to this site as a healthy press kit punch!

Winner! Madcap's Debut Performance Earns First Place at Battle of The Bands - Jan, 28, 2017

Following the battle of the bands event last night, the audience subsequently voted Madcap as the winner with the majority of votes going straight to his debut performance with the live band!

Of the two songs performed during the event, the second song titled ‘Addicted’ was recorded on video and is available for viewing on this site. Be sure to watch it here.

Thank you to everybody who came to the event, and a big thank you to those who voted for Madcap to win. It’s a sign of things to come, with doors already opening in to other performance opportunities around the Bristol music scene.

Madcap's Performance Debut - The Fleece, Bristol - Jan, 20, 2017

Madcap has just had his first performance booking confirmed at the Fleece Underderdog Event; a battle of the bands night whereby performers will have a 10 minute slot to demonstrate their work in front of the audience and industry judges.

The people will then vote for which of the 10 acts they think should win, based on a set criteria of sound quality, professionalism, audience interaction, song writing and more.

The winners receive a £200 cash prize and a guaranteed slot at a summer event this year.

Please come on down to watch the show on it’s very first presentation.

If you are involved in the music industry and would like to watch Madcap for professional purposes, please use the contact page with further information so guest passes can be organised in advance.

7PM – 10:30PM on Friday 27th January 2017

The Fleece

12 St Thomas St

Bristol BS1 6JJ

New EPK Site - Jan, 16, 2017

Welcome to the new electronic press kit.

Madcap’s all-new amped up show is now ready for live performance. Together with his backing band, consisting of bassist Josh Edwards and drummer Kyru Edwards, Madcap is taking his original songs and sauntering covers to venues around the UK, starting with his hometown of Bristol. View the music page for a taste of the music and use the high quality photos and venue quotes for press materials available directly from this site.

If you would like to book Madcap for a performance, please email him using the contact page with information of the event.


The Madcap EP Launch Party - 17 Oct 2018 at 7:00 PM

Madcap’s words on the coming album release:

“Making this album has been a huge effort, and a pursuit where I’ve involved the very best people to get the illest results possible.

All this work has come together to create what I can finally say is an album worth every drop of sweat it’s wrung out of me.

Now, my wait is over and the date is set. I know for sure this will be the most special performance I’ve ever laid down!

I’ll be releasing my debut album – The Madcap EP – on Wednesday 17th October at Hy-Brasil, Bristol.

Expect soaring rap vocals over hard rock riffs, big bass beats served up by my kick ass live band.

Check out the album’s lead single “Friend or Foe” here

Sounds of Harlowe
I’m joined by the monoliths that are Sounds of Harlowe, serving up high-energy hip hop with an immersive jazz fusion.
These are both great people and excellent musicians in their own right. Not one to miss on their own home turf!

Support comes from dope local Hip Hop artist Komposa, bringing fresh flows and grime flavours to tear up the stage.

The event:
Free entry, sick music and a merch table with first-release items. What more could you want??

There’ll be some sweet updates on the lead-up to the night which I guarantee you’ll want to check out, so hit ‘going’ on This Event Page and stay tuned.


Madcap to perform at Bristol Rap-Rock Showcase - 28 Feb 2018 at 9:45 PM

Following his drummer’s return from a 3 month trip to New Zealand, Madcap is set to take his live band set to the stage for the first time since November last year with a stomping rock-rap themed night in Bristol.

Venue: The Fleece
Doors Open: 7pm
Madcap Performs: 9:45pm
Tickets: £5 adv | £6 otd

If you would like to gain guest entry to the venue, please contact Madcap on the contact form of this site.

Tickets and More Information

*SOLD OUT* - Madcap to Support Senser at The Exchange, Bristol - 10 Nov 2017 at 8:30 PM

Bristol’s coming rock-rap night has officially sold out. For information on the event, see the previous news bulletin, and you would like to gain guest access, please contact Madcap on this site.

Tickets and More Information

Madcap to Support Senser at The Exchange, Bristol - 10 Nov 2017 at 8:30 PM

Madcap is set to perform at one of Bristol’s rare rock-rap events with industry heavy weights Senser headlining the night.

This also marks Madcap’s debut DJ set of his all new material, and he’ll be presenting a show he’s been crafting with his DJ over the past month.

If you would like a guest pass, please contact Madcap via the contact page of this site.

Tickets and More Information

Mr Wolf's, Bristol - 31 Oct 2017 at 9:30 PM

Happy Halloween!

Make sure you come to watch Madcap perform his last live band send for 3 months! His drummer (Kyru) is heading to New Zealand and returns beginning of February. This set has a couple of original songs never yet performed, and a new spin on a couple of well known covers to get the place jumping.

THE GRAND FINALS! Underdog 2017 Battle of the Bands - 02 Sept 2017 at 6:30 PM

After rocking the Semi-Finals event at the beginning of the month, Madcap and his live band have busted down the door to the grand finals of the indomitable Underdog event. And he is so stoked about it.

Being that there’s been a mega buzz surrounding the event since the beginning of July, local Bristolians will likely already know about the huge The Underdog: 2017 | Grand Final battle of the bands competition.

In case it’s slipped through your net, acts making up Bristol’s hungry local-music underbelly have been clawing their way through the competition night after night for the past 2 months, fighting for the top spot and the chance to claim the £1,000 cash prize.

Now, having whittled the original 30-band strong line up down to 6 exceptional finalists, the podium is set at the coveted Bristol O2 Academy, where each act will pour blood, sweat and fiery passion in to their performances, vying for the votes of industry professionals and the audience members.

Underdog Battle of the Bands: Semi Finals - 05 Aug 2017 at 7:00 PM

Having carved his way through the initial stages of the competition, Madcap is now headed straight for the semi-finals of Bristol’s biggest battle of the bands competition.

He and his live band are hotly anticipated the next stage which will decide who goes through to the grand finals, and competes for the audience vote and grand prize of £1,000 cash!

Event info:
Location – The Fleece, Bristol
Date: Saturday 5th August 2017 @7pm
Tickets – contact Madcap for press entry
Event Page – Underdog 2017: Semi-Finals

Underdog Battle of the Bands: Auditions - 02 July 2017 at 7:00 PM

Madcap will be taking his live band to the the beginning stages of bristol’s biggest battle of the bands competition, where audience and industry judges vote on who they want to go through to the semi finals.

Event info:
Location – The Fleece, Bristol
Date: 2nd July 2017 @7pm
Tickets – contact Madcap for press entry
Event Page – Underdog 2017Auditions

Madcap to Headline at The Fleece, Bristol - 16 June 2017 at 10:00 PM

Madcap will be headlining with his live band at The Fleece
Address: 12 St Thomas Street, BS1 6JJ Bristol UK

For Guest List / Press / Interviews etc, please use the contact form on this site.

The Thunderbolt, Bristol - 08 June 2017 at 08:00 PM

Madcap with live band at The Thunderbolt
Address: 124 Bath Rd, Bristol BS4 3ED, UK

For Guest List / Press / Interviews etc, please use the contact form on this site.

The Thunderbolt, Bristol - 27 May 2017 at 08:00 PM

Madcap with live band at The Thunderbolt
Address: 124 Bath Rd, Bristol BS4 3ED, UK

For Guest List / Press / Interviews etc, please use the cotact form on this site.

The Fleece, Bristol - 27 Jan 2017 at 09:00 PM

Madcap with live band at The Fleece
Address: 12 St Thomas Street, BS1 6JJ Bristol UK

For Guest List / Press / Interviews etc, please use the contact form on this site.



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